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Air Operations

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Space-A Travel

There are no Space-A flights available at NAS Patuxent River. Visit the Air Mobility Command website for Space-A travel information.


The Air Operations Department at Naval Air Station Patuxent River comprises five divisions that handle 165,000 air operations annually while managing two Navy airfields; one at NAS Pax River and one at Pax's annex, Webster Outlying Field. These five divisions include: Air Traffic Control (ATC), Search and Rescue (SAR), Flight Support, Airfield Facilities Division and Ground Electronic Maintenance (GEM).

Air Traffic Control
The ATC Division provides air traffic control services within special-use airspace and to 23 general aviation airports within 6,800 square miles of delegated airspace.  Additionally, the division provides flight planning services for both military and civilian aircraft operating within the naval air station’s controlled airspace.

Search and Rescue
Flying the versatile MH-60S helicopter, the SAR Division provides search and rescue support for Naval Air Systems Command’s (NAVAIR) research, test, development and experimentation (RDT&E) flights, as well as backup SAR and medical evacuation services for the local area. 

Flight Support
The Flight Support Division provides logistics and VIP flight services for NAVAIR and all tenant command activities attached to the naval air station by utilizing the reliable UC-12M transport aircraft.

Airfield Facilities
Airfield Facilities Division is the home of NAS Pax River’s aviation boatswain mate community, where the motto is: "Pride and Professionalism through Amazing Service." The division performs ground services for stationed and transient aircraft to include the operation and maintenance of the E28 Emergency Runway Arresting Gears.  Additionally, the division executes the Bird and Animal Strike Hazard (BASH) and Foreign Object Damaged (FOD) programs.

Ground Electronic Maintenance
The GEM Division services and supports the air navigation aids and landing systems as well as other local and remotely sited ground electronic equipment that is critical to accomplishing aviation operations at NAS Pax River.

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