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CACO Resources

NEW! NDW CACO Instruction 1770.2E
CACO Training Dates for personnel in Naval District Washington (NDW)
NDW CACO Qualification requirement FY22
iCACO Connection

US Navy CACO TRAINING is to be conducted by each Region:

For those outside NDW Region Click Here:

Directory of Regional CACO Points of Contact by State

CACO TRAINING for Naval Distric Washington DC (NDW) personnel:

Please email for latest info dates and locations. 

CACO GUIDANCE (this is generalized info, contact your Region for specific details):

In case of DEATH of a Service MemberDependentDOD CIV and/or Serious Injury to a service member:

1.  Please send advance email about casualty your Regional Watch, in NDW send email to: ; ;

2.  Send Personal Casualty Report (PCR) with attached PG2/DD93 and SGLI documents also state location of remains in PCR comments section:
- If unable to provide the casualty's Official Copy of DD93/SGLI, state so in the PCR and call Navy Casualty Watch Officer to request assistance in providing latest copy of beneficiary documents.
- PCR Link  Must Verify Receipt of PCR
 call:  1-800-368-3202  After Hours Navy Casualty Watch Officer 901-634-9279

3.  24hr CACO Support: Regional Operations Center 202-433-5180 

4.  CACO Notification Support: Lou Montoya CACO SME
     202-369-6419 Office Cell/Text    

5.  Death Benefits and SI/VSI cases: Roni Shields CACO SME
     202-433-6631 Office
     202-369-0737 Cell

6.  Contact Mortuary Affairs to provide location of remains: 901-619-8157

7.  Dependent Death.  Command only reponsiblity is to submit a PCR and call Family SGLI Injury
SGLI Office 901-874-6662 to verify receipt.  Download PDF Guide: 

Dependent Death Command Response Guide.pdf

Dependent Death  Benefits Request.pdf

8.  Other CACO Resources:

US NAVY Casualty CACO Homepage:

SGLI Claim Form:

9.  CACO Online Refresher via SIMmersions training in JKO. 
These courses are designed specifically for those personnel who work either
in the Service Casualty Offices or for those assigned Casualty Assistance
Calls Officer (CACO) duties.  If you have been assigned CACO duties and have
completed the required Navy training, then you meet this requirement.
You will need to create a JKO account prior to enrollment in the course and
request enrollment.  This can be done at the below site.  Ensure to select
Branch of Service as Navy.

US Navy POC designated to provide access to JKO CACO Training is, please email him for access to CACO SIMmersion training, provide your work email and command.
The Course Numbers and titles:
OSD-SIMM01- Casualty Notification Training
OSD-SIMM02- Casualty Assistance First Visit Training
OSD-SIMM03- Casualty Assistance Benefits and Entitlement Training

10.  NEW!  Casualty Assistance Calls Program Instruction (CNICINST 1770.2B) 

CACO Forms:  Forms to use during notification, print and fill out:

1770 -1 Consent to Release For Each Adult.pdf

1770-1 Consent to Release w Minors Children.pdf


1770 - 3 NOK Information WORKING DRAFT.pdf

2020 NEW DG DD 397 OCT 2019.pdf

2020 EFT Payment Form.pdf

iCACO Training - Course Materials

1.       Read Ahead:  These are fast reads, specially the travel ones are almost identical.  Notice the differences between them.

a.       MILPERSMAN 1770-030 REPORTING (5 Pages)

b.       MILPERSMAN 1770-230 BEDSIDE TRAVEL (10 pages)

c.       MILPERSMAN 1770-270 FUNERAL TRAVEL (5 pages)

d.       MILPERSMAN 1770-271 MEMORIAL TRAVEL (5 pages)

e.       MILPERSMAN 1770-275 BURIAL FLAGS (3 pages)

f.        Causes for Travel Claim Rejection Doc (1 page)

2.       These docs make up the "CACO Binder" needed in case of a death.

g.     OPNAV Form 1  (will be needed to collect info from the NOK) Secured PDF

h.     OPNAV Form 2  (will be needed to collect info from the NOK) Secured PDF

i.      OPNAV Form 3  (will be needed to collect info from the NOK) Secured PDF

j. PCR - User Guide (10 Pages - A Must Have for Command Use)

k. CACO Training Manual (123 pages - will be used in class 100 %)

L. THREE OPNAV Forms Required for Notification

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