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2nd Platoon - Drill Team

Members of the Drill Team are experts in the art of close order drill, coordination, and timing. Utilizing the standard 1903 Springfield rifle with 10" fixed bayonet, the drill team follows a longstanding tradition of Naval service by conducting a 4-man routine and a 9-man routine. The complex drill block performed by the Drill Team features marching and arms presentations, executed with single precision motion, as well as staggering aerial maneuvers. These manuals demonstrate the strict military order and professionalism, combined with teamwork that the Drill Team members must possess in order to perform their disciplined routine.


The Drill Team is invited to perform at a variety of events, including local and national holiday and armed forces observances, schools, universities, conventions, and Navy related events such as ship commissioning ceremonies, changes of command, and retirements. The Drill Team also performs for numerous foreign dignitaries at the Historic Tingey House, home to the Chief of Naval Operations.


Each Drill Team member works extrodinary long hours in an attempt to achieve their TOP qualification "Point Man."

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