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Turnstiles at NSA Bethesda

On Monday, June 24, 2019, the automated pedestrian access turnstiles at Gates 1 and 2 were activated for 24/7 use. Automated pedestrian access turnstiles allow pedestrians to scan their own ID cards for faster access to the installation. They also reduce delays at the gates for vehicles by keeping gate guards dedicated primarily to one task during the busiest hours of the day.


Q1. What gates have the activated pedestrian turnstiles?

A1. Gates 1 and 2 have the turnstiles and they're operational 24/7.

Q2. I have mobility issues and the turnstiles are difficult/impossible for me to use. How do I get through the turnstiles?

A2. Gates 1 and 2 have ADA-compliant swing gates to allow easier access for wheelchairs and mobility devices.

Q3. What happens if I scan my card and it doesn’t work?

A3. Cards that fail to scan properly trigger a lockout for that individual of three minutes, but other pedestrians are able to scan and pass through. If a user is still unable to get through the turnstile, they can use the call button on the scanner to instantly dial for help.

Q4. Do I have to register for access to the turnstile?

A4. If you have never been scanned on to the installation before via the DBIDS local system, the system will scan once to register you at the turnstile, and then allow you a second scan to permit entry onto the installation.

Q5. How long does the process take to scan and get through the turnstile?

A5. The entire process should take less than 10 seconds.

Created: June 2019
Updated: February 2020

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