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2022 Unaccompanied Housing Response


NOTE: All  major rehabilitation work is complete except for new locks in Bldgs. 60/64.
This work is scheduled to take place as soon as parts are available in early 2023.

AUGUST 2022:

  • 12SEP22: Building 60 was turned over to NSA Bethesda's Unaccompanied Housing (UH) on Sept. 9, 2022. A request was fulfilled to have a custodial contractor come in and clean up the building after all renovation work was completed. UH staff are making final preparations for new Bldg. 60 residents to move in between late September and early October, including furniture moves and checking door locks. 

  • ​31AUG22: The contractor has completed all sheet vinyl floor and luxury vinyl tile floor in the building except for lower entry areas. Substrate preparation and epoxy installation is complete for lower entry areas. All doors have been painted. Pre-final inspection was completed for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd deck. Renovations, final inspection, and acceptance remain on schedule.

  • 24AUG22: The contractor completed wall protection installation in the corridors on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th decks. Painting was completed on the 3rd deck in the east wing corridors and on the 4th deck in the west wing corridors. Renovations remain on schedule.

  • ​16AUG22: The contractor has completed all work in the barracks rooms, including painting, floor installation, drywall patching, and electrical work. Wall protection was also installed throughout the 1st deck. Renovations are still on track for an August completion.

  • NOTE: Previous updates on renovations in Bldg. 60 are available as a downloadable archive here.

  • NOTE: Previous updates on hot water repairs to Bldgs. 60 and 64 are available as a downloadable archive here.


Unaccompanied Housing Concerns: Questions and Answers
Q1. Why was there no hot water in unaccompanied housing?
A1. A project to repair Bldg. 60 was approved last year, but additional system issues, contracting issues, and communication failures delayed the effort. Production work on Bldg. 60 began in mid-December. Bldg. 64 has presented challenges since it was opened in 2015, and like Bldg. 60, ongoing repair efforts over time failed to correct the total problem.
Hot water repairs to Bldg. 60 are complete. Other rehabilitation work will take place in the facility before residents return to the building. Residents will be updated throughout the process.
Hot water repairs in Bldg. 64 are also complete, however, the system is being monitored to ensure consistent performance as relocated UH residents begin to move in from alternate lodging. (Updated: 16MAR22)

Q2. When are the hot water repairs in Bldgs. 60 and 64 going to be done?
A2.  Hot water repairs to Bldg. 60 are complete. Other rehabilition work will take place in the facility before residents return to the building. Residents will be updated throughout the process.
Hot water repairs in Bldg. 64 are also complete, however, the system is being monitored to ensure consistent performance as relocated UH residents begin to move in from alternate lodging. (Updated: 16MAR22)

Q3. How will residents know when the hot water repairs are done?
A3. Updates have been posted in Bldg. 64. Updates on both buildings have also been posted to this website. (Updated: 16MAR22)

Q4. I heard you are redirecting hot water from residents to other buildings. Is that true?
A4. Hot water is not redirected to other buildings. The hot water system in Bldg. 64 serves only Bldg. 64, the hot water system in Bldg. 60 only serves Bldg. 60.

Q5. What are you doing to accommodate residents without hot water?
A5. Residents of Bldg. 60 were moved to alternate lodging for the duration of the recently completed repairs. In Bldg. 64, residents were given the option to temporarily move out as well. Throughout the repair period, remaining residents were advised to try and plan their hot water usage outside of peak hours, defined as 6 to 8 a.m., and 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
(Updated: 16MAR22)

Q6. Why were service members allowed to live with no A/C for 3 straight months?
A6. Over the summer of 2021, one major HVAC outage was caused by a chilled water pump failure, which was repaired in approximately three weeks. Following the repair, the installation Public Works Department oversaw a room-to-room assessment of all rooms to ensure proper temperature and airflow. If there is an issue with proper room temperature in any resident's room, they should report it so it can be looked into and corrected as soon as possible. (Updated: 15FEB22)

Q7. Are you replacing the locks in the rooms?
A7. As part of the renovations and updates to Bldg. 60, we have purchased a replacement lock system for Bldgs. 60 and 64. Due to supply issues, the parts will arrive in early 2023. They will be installed as soon as possible upon receipt. When Bldg. 60 reopens, no resident will be placed in a room without a working lock. (Updated: 06SEP22)

Q8. I’ve submitted a ticket but it’s still not fixed. What should I do now?
A8. After recent Unaccompanied Housing concerns were brought to light, we reviewed our ticketing process and identified a specific step that wasn’t being properly executed by our staff. As a result of that gap, some of the hot water issues were not being addressed after being reported. We’ve addressed the problem and Capt. Switzer is tracking the response.

The Housing team is dedicated to ensuring your health and comfort. NSA Bethesda’s Housing team will be as transparent as possible in regards to your concerns and to ensure each issue is addressed and that you, as the resident, are aware of the status. Our team will also be performing additional follow-through to ensure your maintenance requests have been addressed to your satisfaction.

Part of this process is giving you a proper expectation of how long it should take to address common issues. The amount of time it takes to address a ticket depends partly on its priority category:


  • Response Time: 1 Hour

  • Corrected or Addressed: 24 hours

  • Note: “Emergency” only addresses an issue that compromises life, health and safety, or the facility mission.


  • Response Time: 1 Business Day

  • Corrected or Addressed: 5 Business Days

  • Note: “Urgent” covers any deficiency that doesn’t immediately endanger personnel or property, but would result in an Emergency with extended delays.


  • Response Time: 30 Calendar Days

  • Note: “Routine” covers any work requirement within contract scope that doesn’t qualify as Emergency or Urgent.

For routine requests, we have launched a more convenient, electronic means of submitting maintenance requests that can be initiated through a quick scan of QR codes placed prominently throughout Bldg. 64. (Added: 09MAR22)

If repairs begin to fall outside of these windows and beyond, please follow-up with staff at:

NSA Bethesda Unaccompanied Housing Office 24-hour Front Desk: 301-400-0200

Or by email at:

If they are still not addressed, please report them to your chain of command so they can work with NSA Bethesda to get resolution.

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