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Welcome to Naval Support Facility Indian Head

Naval Support Facility Indian Head was founded in 1890 as the Navy’s first established presence in southern Maryland. What began many years ago as a gun test facility on the Potomac River has evolved and expanded to include numerous scientific and response-force missions serving all branches of the military – Navy, Air Force, Army and Marines.

Installation Information

Surrounded by the Potomac River and Mattawoman Creek, Naval Support Facility Indian Head is strategically situated less than 30 miles south of the nation’s capital. In addition to its military value, the Indian Head Navy installation makes a significant economic contribution to the local community by serving as one of Charles County, Maryland’s largest employers.

Today’s military community on board Naval Support Facility Indian Head represents a diverse and strategically important mix of research and development activities, alongside operational support programs that are protecting the U.S. homeland from terrorist threats, as well as serving U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army forces deployed worldwide on a daily basis.


Public Notice/Advertisement
Naval Support Facility Indian Head

Do you have any information about the historical use or disposal of radiological material at Naval Support Facility Indian Head (NSFIH)?

The U.S. Navy is conducting an assessment at naval installations, including NSFIH and the Stump Neck Annex, regarding the historical use and disposal of general radioactive materials (G‐RAM). Examples of G‐RAM include radioluminescent personnel markers, deck markers, electron tubes, thoriated welding rods, certain types of engine exciters, thorium lenses, radioisotopes used in laboratories, and depleted uranium counterweights. Individuals with information about the historical use or disposal of radiological material at NSFIH or the Stump Neck Annex are invited to provide input and share recollections. To participate in an interview or provide other relevant recollections, contact 844‐236‐0390 or email ( with contact information. All information provided will be considered in the preparation of an assessment report for NSFIH. All comments, including personal information, provided as part of this assessment are subject to Freedom of Information Act and may be made publicly available at any time.

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