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Natural resources at NSA Bethesda includes air and water, and plants and animals (flora and fauna). To protect the natural resources at this installation, including animals, we have a variety of targeted features to encourage their presence.


Bat boxes provide a home for bats on the installation. Bats are an important part of controlling  insect populations in the natural ecosystem. In the video above, NSA Bethesda's Natural Resources Program Manager Andrew Annen explains more.

Natural resource operations include maintaining bat and bird boxes. In the video above, Environmental Programs Director Susan Paul shows us a bird box situated in the historic view shed in front of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

To build your own songbird bird box, check out this site.


To help protect water quality and discourage geese from nesting in protected areas, our teams put up Exclusion Fencing during geese migration seasons. The video above shows what they look like.


In 2021, we experienced the mass emergence of Brood X Cicadas, an significant natural event that takes place every 17 years. To learn more about this brood, please click here to visit a  recap from Maryland Department of Agriculture.

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