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Ticket Processing

DOD Traffic Citations (DD Form 1408) - No fine is indicated and tickets are handled administratively.

    a. For Active duty military members and their family members, multiple incidents result in Commanding Officer notification. Driving privileges may be revoked. Tickets can be contested through the Chain of Command.

    b. For Midshipmen, any two citations can result in removal of driving privileges until graduation. Midshipmen who receive two citations for motor vehicle violations will be directed to report to the Security Officer for discussion about the possibility of scraping their DOD decals. First class midshipmen are required to answer for, and pay allfines associated with, motor vehicle violations prior to graduation.

Loss of Motor Vehicle Privileges
(excerpt from COMDTMIDNNOTICE 5560).

    a. First class midshipmen who lose their parking privileges shall not park their vehicles overnight within two (2) miles of the Naval Academy Chapel Dome, except as authorized in the Midshipmen Regulations Manual.

    b. Underclassmen and first class midshipmen in a loss of car privileges, who violate the Midshipmen Regulations Manual, will be processed under the Administrative Conduct System for violation of orders, major effect.

    c. Midshipmen found guilty of alcohol related conduct offenses may have driving privileges revoked for part or all of their first class year. This administrative action may be taken in addition to other punishment assigned for the offense.

Federal Magistrate Citations (DD Form 1805)
- Citations are adjudicated by a Federal Magistrate who visits the U.S. Naval Academy on a periodic basis. The Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) for the U.S. Naval Academy has authority to dismiss tickets or reduce fines if appropriate. Call 410-293-1564 for assistance. Federal Magistrate tickets are placed on the command database and are included for purposes of removing driving and parking privileges as stated above.

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